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Heres the list of items taken from the 29 pages of the Official Weight Reduction Post.
dash = 9lbs
side electric mirrors 4.5 lbs
side manual mirrors 4.2 lbs
plastic side molding 2 lbs
Sounddeadening material including tar and the rubber firewall blanket and steel brace under steering wheel 52lbs
reclining mechanism on SE-R seats 3lbs
A/C compressor including iron bracket and all lines and condenser 32lbs
Rear quarter windows 4.9 lbs
Front seats weigh 33 pounds each.
Back seat weighs 10.5 pounds.
Carpet weighs 9 pounds.
Spare tire well weighs 14.5 pounds.
Bumpers weigh 25 pounds each.
Bumper covers weigh 11.5 pounds each.
All the heat and a/c parts in the dash weigh 28 pounds.
The support rods for the trunk weigh 6 pounds.
Brace under dash = 5lbs
B13 SE-R wheels = 16.7 lbs!!
trunk hinges, 4 tow hooks, and muffler hinges and that came up to 13lbs
The side power mirrors weigh 2.5lbs
Non-powered side mirrors weigh 2.3lbs
All the sound deadening plus the steel bracket under the steering wheel, and the rubber firewall carpet weigh 48.2lbs
Sunroof (40 pounds)
Door Beams (10 pounds each)
Inner Door Skins - the metal (4 pounds)
Door Panels (20 pounds)
Front Windows and Guides (4 pounds)
Unused Wires from Harness (7 pounds)
Underside for Trunk Skin (4 pounds)
Rear Valence/Shelf and Trunk hinges (12 pounds)
Replaced Stock Hood with C/F (30 pounds)
Air Conditioning (40 pounds)
Power Steering (8 pounds)
Gutted Bumpers - still functional BTW!!
Front (8 pounds)
Rear (7 pounds)
Aftermarket (thicker) Front Sway bar (18 pounds)
Interior Sound Deadening material (50 pounds)
Front Seats (35 pounds each - replaced with CF one @ 10 pounds)
Rear Bench Seat (10 pounds)
All Seat Belts (10 pounds)
compressor weighs like 25, condensor 10, exchanger 5, bracket like 3 or 4 and the associtaed lines another 5 or so
Replaced Stock Hood with C/F (30 pounds)
Brace under dash = 5lbs
Front fender and splash gaurd 8 pounds.
Cut out hood and loose the latch and hinges 12 pounds
Wiring harness in dash, remove all unused wires and plugs, after you loose the dash 11 pounds
Misc. nuts,bolts,screws and hardware from gutting whole car 9 pounds
stock exhaust replaced with side exit 14 pounds (includes hangers not used)
Stock B13 SE-R wheels = 16.7 lbs!!
The complete back seat weighs 33 lbs. On a 95' 200sx
Sounddeadening material including tar and the rubber firewall blanket and steel brace under steering wheel 52lbs
A/C 32-40lbs
Smaller Battery + around 10lbs or so
B13 hood 28 pounds
The stock steering wheel weighs like 5-7lbs
Stock trunk lid weighs 31 pounds.
Stock door weighs 81 pounds.
ok, I got my rear wiper motor and all the plastic/rubber strip around hatch window off my nx. --altogether weighs 7lbs! nice reduction for 5 minutes of work and you don't hardly even notice it being gone.
I also removed about 1-1.5 sqare feet of that tar mat insulation that's stuck to everything--weighed 1lb, 2oz.--filled a small ziploc bag. I'll just go ziploc bag at a time until it's done.
Today I chiseled/drilled/wiggled brackets off--1.jack holder bracket--1lb.
2.rt. rear seat upper mount bracket(large)2lbs.
Plastic trim from BOTH triangle windows--3lbs.
I think I can save 25 pounds with a race seat,
40ish pounds by getting rid of the sunroof,
22-44 pounds by cutting out door bars (not sure of the weight, heard 11 pounds each and 22 pounds each),
20ish pounds from a small battery,
40ish pounds from lexan windows (yet to be installed),
and a few pounds from aftermarket suspension tweaks ( lowering springs which are shorter use less steel to make, right? Not sure how much weight can be saved buy replacing the stock gas tank with a trunk mount fuel cell yet, I'm guessing 8-10 pounds
If I go with a set of light wheels, 10-22 more pounds can be shed
adding a cage will add 36-50 pounds to the final weight
No carpet - 7lbs
No rear trim - 15lbs
No rear seats 35lbs
Cobra Suzuka Carbon Kevlar seats - 32lbs
No Engine wiring harness - 5lbs
5Zigen FN01RC wheels - 6lbs a corner = 24lbs
No rear wiper assembly 3lbs
Tar crap removed - ~40lbs
i just busted out the scale...the spare and jack w/ tools weigh around 25 pounds!!!!
Replace Stock hood with CF Hood= 25.lbs
Passenger Seat= 33.lbs
Rear Seats= 10.5 lbs
Winsheild washer fluid box(Cant use sprayers w/ cf hood anyway)=10.lbs
Spare tire, jack and tools= 28.lbs
leave both fans on there the other one weighs like 1.5 lbs, not worth it.
the iron bracker, comrpessor, condensor and lines is like 50 lbs!
i took the cabel that protects the abs sensor off my front brakes and they weigh almost a pound
a peice.passenger side fan weighs 4.5 lbs.
The regular sunroof is heavy as hell compared to the flip-up. Im thinking savings in the 15-20lb range.
Ditch those 4.5lb stock side mirrors for some 1lb plastic ones from Advance Auto.
NX2000 Floor Mats and Cargo Tray - 19 lbs.
NX2000 Intake Box and AIV Rubber Hose - 4 lbs.
I know my ST swaybar (front) weighed 18 lbs.
Empty the windshield washer bottle. Water is about 7 lbs a gallon
If you want to sleep under the car remove the junk from the underside. Takes forever but is another 20 lbs. or so.
Odyssey battery installed... 13lbs vs. the stock weight
Headliner 5 lbs with the 3 o-sh*t handles.

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AC Comp Weight

Have seen huge numbers applied to the weight of our AC compressors, have removed two from different 1993 SE-Rs, and they both only weighed 12 pounds on a scale which is calibrated daily. Weight savings on this is not as much as imagined.
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