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HS Headers

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I peeked under my car Friday its been about two months or so(I'v been neglecting her). And what do I see..... My nice HS header has turned UGLY!! The primarys have no rust on them but the secondary pipe from the flexpipe back is totally necked. The ceramic coating has flacked off and rust is setting in. WTF I got them last July!! The secondary before the flex pipe is also starting to rust. They used to look so nice with the ceramic coating..... I'm pissed and HS is getting a call on Monday.

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ya, I have heard about that on the g3 headers also, I think it might be some kind of defect, oh well, if its ugly, it is time to wrap your header anyway, it helps alot
I would try to get the thing re-coated by hs, but if they are being hard-a$$ed about it (witch I doubt they would be, they appear to have pretty good cust. service) and do not want to wrap it, I know Griots has some really high quality header and manifold paint, I have a few of their catalogs laying around, so if anybody is interested I can get the part # and their phone #.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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