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Update 6/2

Group buy canceled - all payments refunded.

Goodnight John Boy.

Update 3/18/09 - SHIPPING

Shipping will be flat rate $16 to the lower 48 states.

All other shipping will be quoted on a per person basis - PM me directly for a quote if you live in Canada, Puerto Rico, etc.


B13 payments are being accepted NOW.
B14 payments are also open, at the 15 unit price. Once we reach 15 units, we'll decide whether to shoot for 25 sets, and the lower price which will come with it.

I prefer payments to be made via PayPal, but I can also accept Money orders.


I have 2 PayPal accounts;
If your funding source is a bank account or PayPal balance, send $328 + $16 = $344 payment to my Personal account, [email protected]

If your funding source is a credit or debit card, send $328 + $16 + 3% PayPal fee ($10.32) = $354.32 payment to my Premier account, [email protected]

Money orders get sent to:
Chris Scarpulla
2084 Feuereisen Ave.
Ronkonkoma NY 11779

PLEASE include the following information with your payment;
First Name
Last Name
Forum ID
AOL Instant Messenger ID
Email Address
Shipping to a residence?
Phone - Home
Phone - Work
Phone - Cell

Update 3/13/09 - PRICES
B13 25 kits - $328.00 per kit
B14 25 kits - $328.00 per kit
B14 15 kits - $378.00 per kit

Shipping costs to follow by Monday.

Hey guys,

It's time for another Hyperco Group Buy! The last one we ran was three years ago, and we continue to get people asking us for these springs, so let's see who's serious about this.

Hyperco's are hitting the classifieds every so often and selling almost immediately at $300 + shipping. Almost every time that happens, I get an email or PM from someone asking if we have any available, and Hyperco is also getting emails from around the country looking for availability. So I'm going to kick off another group deal to satisfy the interest. We will have to sell at least 25 B13 sets to make this happen. (B14 guys, keep reading.) We expect to have a price quote from Hyperco by the end of next week, but it should be in the $309 + shipping ballpark. As always, we need these orders to be prepaid. Once I have the money for 25 sets, the order goes to Hyperco.

Please only post here if you are seriously interested in purchasing a set. Once we have the price quote, I'll start accepting money. If we do not receive the required number of orders your money will be 100% refunded (minus any PayPal fees, if paying via credit or debit card). I will put your name on the list if you don't have the money right now, but I will not hold back the order to Hyperco while waiting for payment.

PLEASE UNDERSTAND... as with anything custom, this is going to require a little patience on your part. We can’t guarantee lead-time, but it will probably be 8 to 12 weeks once Hyperco receives our order. So the quicker the payments come in, the sooner we can get the order to Hyperco, and the sooner they get in your hands.

I'd like to thank Mike Kojima for helping us with the initial design parameters of these great springs, and for his continued support. Mike was kind enough to get a set of B13 Hyperco’s into the hands of Dave Coleman of Sport Compact Car Magazine, which lead to an excellent write-up and review in their magazine. We've probably sold close to 250 sets of these springs by now, and they have gotten almost universal praise. There are many, many reviews of them throughout this forum, and a few minutes of searching will more than likely answer any questions you may have.

B14 springs - We must reach a minimum qty of 25 B13 springs to make this happen. If we do, Hyperco will make B14 springs as well as long as we can sell 15 sets of them.

Here’s some info from the previous Hyperco group deals that you may find interesting.......

************************************************** *********
They fit 91-94 SE-R and NX2000's, the spring rate is 300lb front / 200lb rear, with a 1" to 1 ½" drop and they work like a charm with KYB AGX's, or Koni’s. Don't be put off by the high spring rate, your car will ride and handle better than stock, and WAY better than ProKits! There were many people in the first and second round that happily tossed their ProKits in favor of these springs.
This is a special order, since Hyperco usually only makes springs for race cars (F1, NASCAR, CART/Indy, IMSA, SCCA Trans-Am, etc), and Hyperco only makes them us, and only by special order. Don't miss out!

If you're not familiar with these springs, please take a look at some of the excellent feedback we've gotten from happy forum members....

You just turn and the car goes where you want it, no body lean, no questions asked. You have no idea how fast you’re cornering until you look at the speedometer, then you don’t believe you're eyes. Wild. I don't know how they managed to make a suspension setup that handles so well, yet is so comfortable to drive in. Great job!

Hyperco Gen 2's are on!!
I must say I am VERY impressed. Outstanding product and I love the look!!

SERprise In WV
I finished the install of the new Hypercoil 300/200 springs, and can honestly, flat-out tell you that they are wonderful.
The ride is firm, but not harsh over bumps. Ride height is about 1 inch lower than stock, and one inch higher than ProKits. Just perfect, IMHO.
In my opinion, my SE-R feels like a totally different car than it was before. Even though the harshness is gone, the transitional abilities are a step above what ProKits had to offer. The car stays flat and goes where you point it.
Best *conventional* spring I've ever ridden/driven in any car. Just perfect.

It's been a few days now and an auto-x since I installed my springs. I also built and installed a rear STB at the same time. My comments are pretty much like everyone else, cornering is much more flat, turn in is crisp, and looks are great also.
Ride comfort isn't compromised allot, it really isn't that bad, bumps are not harsh, just a little more disturbing than stock. On and off throttle the car moves very little.
Auto-Xing, With the springs, AGX's and Azenis it was a HUGE change for the better. I was doing things with my car I didn't think was possible. I truly believe with a little more fine tuning I will be as good as a Koni/GC setup on a Classic.

This set really does soak up the big bumps and dips way better than the stock setup. The progressive spring rates seem to really help keep the chassis off of the bumpstops. Braking and accelerating are very much different from the 100,000 mile stock setup. Dive and squat are markedly reduced, and turn in is much sharper than the previous wallowy stock suspension.

Excellent springs!! Smooth install, great fitment. No weird noises or anything. Nice blue colour too.
Performance: Wow! Had my first auto-x on them last night, and understeer has been reduced hugely- I would say by about 70%. Car is now more prone to throttle oversteer - which is a good thing - much more neutral and predictable handling. The lack of understeer is just awesome.
FYI - the springs are on over *stock* dampers... can't wait to fix that!

List of interested buyers 4/20/09

  1. needMOmoney - PAID
  2. noahman - PAID
  4. happynole - PAID
  5. 92tsuru - PAID
  7. Zuijyn
  8. Turbo91SER
  9. lhoy12
  10. 228k_ser
  11. vqman
  12. XxFamousxX
  13. 2_Liter_Turbo
  14. The Ba last ser
  15. T28turbos
  16. gotb13
  17. dmp316
  18. DarkB13
  19. pdiddie
  1. CovertRussian - PAID
  3. Hammerin Hank - PAID
  4. beef7567 - PAID
  5. clean_B14 - PAID
  6. SR20WhoKnew
  7. fastwhiteguy09
  8. FnG01

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What is this madd-nest? :eek:

P.S. Did they ever make anything for the P10 or P11's? I plan on getting a P11.


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I must be dreaming...WOOHOOO!! I'll take a set for a b13. I've waited so long for these, but i'll still keep my thread up in the Wanted section just in case this falls through. I actually might buy two sets if need-be but for now just one set.
Where do we send the money, to you Chris?

C'mon people! Make this happen!:D


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Sorry, nothing for the P's.

Yes, I'll post the info once we have our price quote from Hyperco.

^If they could design something, this could help the group buy. I know it's more than just making a eBay base spring and saying, "Hey, these are stiff, buy them". Everybody just seem to drool over these springs.

Interested........... but I can't commit until we have final pricing.
^I paid $400 for my BNIB set and I would do it again. These springs are the shizzle!

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How much would shipping be?

I'd buy a set for b14.

merely a flesh wound
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Do we need 25 ppl before we get the price quote?
Not at all, as stated in the first post, we should have a quote from Hyperco coming shortly.

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