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If you live in SoCal avoid loud mufflers and large tips like the plague. Trust me on this one. Every time I go to the muffler shop I see someone putting their stock exhaust on to remove the fix it ticket. Cops are really anal here.

A cop followed me all the way off the freeway to the surface street to take a look and listen to my exhaust and I was running a 3 inch tip. If I had a 4+ inch I would have ended up with a ticket. Is it worth it to run a loud large tipped exhaust? I do not think so. Not in Cali, anyway.
98 SE-R, PR CAI, HS G3 Header, JWT S3 Cams,
Custom Exhaust, Timing @ 18, PS Shifter, STBs, Pro-Kits/AGXs/ST Bars,
AD22VF/Axxis Pads/SS Lines, UR 4-Pulleys, Volk TE-37/RE-71 205/50ZR15.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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