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Hey all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that i'm no longer missing the 200SX! I got an adequate replacement. 1993 Nissan NX2000. 170k miles, cold-ass A/C, PW, 5 spd, tilt, all the goodies cept power seats and door locks. runs good too, feels nice. haven't run it hard yet, but i know it can go, just like the 200 could. are these things faster than the 200SX's? it feels different and people have already said "is this thing quicker?"...who knows, maybe i had a "slow ass 96" but i dont think so. Sometimes it hesitates under accelleration, but i think i just need to do routine stuff, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, TB needs cleaning, maybe i should clean out my EGR valve or whatever it is you guys speak of. I have never yet located any of these valves you guys talk about. but, as a favor, i'd like to get some of you to tell me the best ways to tune-up this SR20DE. It's got miles, but the engine bay is clean as all hell. i like the seats!!

Is that a honda? What is that silver thing?
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