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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by jp_patches:
I dropped by the Acura dealer today to check out the new RSX, just out of curiosity. Of course, I was driving my '91 SE-R that I bought just 3 weeks ago.

The RSX is a nice car and maybe I can afford one way in the future when my SE-R wears out, but here's the funny part: the salesman spent more time asking me about my car than I did asking about his.

So what does that tell us about our cars, huh?

They probally act interested to get you to trade it in on the spot. Something like..."WOW, you got an SE-R? I would love to sell one of those..." If you are interested I could give you maybe 2 thousadn above book for it and we could talk about a new ACura. Yeah right. Nisssn did that to me a few years ago. Mostly young salesmen do that. The older ones just want to go home ans sleep so they could not care less.
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