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I just purchased a '95 200sx Se-R. All thats been done to it is it has 17" rims. First job will probably be to lower it, but after that I dont know what to do. Its been a big jump from my last car (Pulsar)for which no aftermarket products were made. The car has 92k miles on it, so Im planning on dropping in a det. Will an after market cat-back like a greddy work with the det? will any of the cai out there work with the det? Any help would be appreciated.

There are many,many things you can do with your ride!!! My brother has a 97 SE-R that runs low 13's right now with a 200 hp NOS kit(with a blueprinted, balanced block) and he's still wrenchin' away at it over the winter, to get his times down, so there's PLENTY of things to do with this motor!! Go to and check out their Classified section....There's alot of good bargains to be had, as well as here on this site in the wanted section! Good Luck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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