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I used to be like him, liking the Grand Prix GTP and the Trans Am (still do, but), thinking that 4 cylinders couldn't possibly have any power. Then I took him for a ride and redlined first and a hard shift to second. "Wow, I really wasn't expecting it to be that fast" he says. He's currently got a 90 or 92 Sunbird with the 3.1 V6. Torquey motor, but I pulled onto his bumper like he wasn't even trying. :) "You can sell this and get a 91-93 Sentra SE-R, you know..." I kept saying.

I let him drive it. His first car was a stick (a Ford Ranger) but he hasn't driven a stick for about 2 years. He said with a smile (I got an SMC shifter) "You know, I think the throws are a just a LITTLE shorter than my Ranger's were" :) He didn't want to take it out of the parking lot though since he was so rusty.

He said he LOVED the sound of my intake. I have the bottom of the airbox out and the filter chicken wired to the top part of it so it's nice and noisy. :)

"I think you want an SE-R" I kept saying :)

So is trying to bring someone over to SE-R land bringing him to the darkside or the lightside? I would assume the lightside...
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