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i know its ebay but still wondering

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i know there are some people that are actually credible that sell their stuff on ebay and i was wondering if you guys knew if this guy was credible or not
im extremely paranoid about buying a motor off ebay but if the guy was known by any of you then hey who knows. ight just trying to get a couple opinions.
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GoinSleeper said:
im extremely paranoid about buying a motor off ebay
You should be. Best bet is to trust your first instinct and walk away. If this fails, you need to find out if this company has the engine in it's inventory stateside. If the answer is no, don't walk, run away.

Best best is to buy a front cut from a company who has it in inventory. I purchased mine from Jarco and coudn't be happier. Came with a 12 month 12k mile warranty to boot.
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