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I messed up. . . Bad!

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Okay. I need some help. I messed up real bad today. I was racing and coming around a very gradual curve on the expressway with a lot of speed. The curve had me leaning to the left but I still needed to shift to 4th. Well, the lean made me pull to my left and I shifted into 2nd momentarily. I wasn't watching the tach but it really didn't sound like it revved too high - not much past the rev limiter anyways.

After that, two cylinders were dead. There was a popping noise from the air intake and no power. I got home, removed all the plugs. The first two were fine, the second two were covered in carbon. No smoke. Very mild odor while it was running but it might have just been the clutch cuz I was running hard and it is old. Can anybody tell me what my next step is? Did I bend a couple of valve? Timing? Head gasket? Help, please... Thanks,

Chad Kelly
[email protected]
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whoa! I heard this one before, but it was first gear, instead of second. it's not an easy diagnosis. My gut feeling is head gasket. Chech the archives though its in there,(hopefully with links and stuff)you are not the irst to do this to your car. Good luck
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