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Well while washing the car in the brisk sun setting evening dad was talking again
. He was asking if i could possibly turbo my car and would it be something to do to it. lol now if i only had some cash. i dont really want a turbo but hell i dont think i could pass it up. rather stay NA and keep my driveabitly(and tires)
. but hell if dad is talking about it why not...i know i would love a t25 bout like bens. only if i had money, but no desire to get a job. i can live with the POS for a while longer i still holds its own against the type r. and only power mod is the POP really...timing just at 15 nothing special. but these tires gota be deflated. you want some fun, put 35 psi all around in a classic. you lift throtle you better watch out. i had it slide out once thrusday nearly scared me. damn oversteering classics with high psi tires
. well enough of my dreaming...on to dreaming i gota get to bed.

Thats my opinion and I could be wrong

93 classic
Aztec Red, Automatic, POP, STB, OEC battery tie down, AD22VF's, Pirelli P4000's

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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