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OK, it is time to do a major tune up. I am pushing the DET off for awhile. I need to give my poor motor a tune up bad. It has 140k miles on it. I have had this car for a year now, and I have not done a major go over yet. I am starting to lose more races then I am winning because the old SR is getting kind of tired. I have $600 dollars to spend for this tune job. Any suggestions on what I should do? I need to stop my oil leak, so I am assuming maybe a 100 bucks, is gone on new oil, filter, and new seals. So what else should I do? I am kind of clueless right now, so the help would be nice. Thanks


all i can think of is change all your fluids including the tranny fluid, spark plugs and wires, clean out the injectors, and maybe get the timing done better

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Plugs, plug wires, cap, rotor button, air filter(or clean it), oil, oil filter, think about an enging flush, pcv valve, timing chain tensior maybe, clean egr up, tranny fluid replace, replace coolent, replace brake fluid, check timing, clean TB, clean engine block, check gaskets(oil pan valve cover...), check tranny switches, inspect rubber on suspension parts, inspect cv joint boots, aim headlights, aim fog lights, rotate tires, check brake pads, check rotors, adjust parking brake, remove and clean injectors, check exhaust parts, check brake lines, change power steering fluid, have a/c checked, clean radiator and condensor of debre.

God I dont know what else. But with that kind of money for stuff you will have a tip top running car
, I gota do this myself. Im about 200 short of 150,000. Need to do it soon.

Thats my opinion and I could be wrong

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engne tune up can be done in about an hour to 1 1/2. by yourself check sp wires too stock NGK are very good and timing by a good mechanic and your looking at about 100 bucks minus ngk's wires. giving a mechanic something for the timing and you buying and putting in your own parts.tell you the truth you can get a tune up done with parts and all for about 150 - 200 once you see how the mechanic does it you will never pay it again cause it's easy.

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Well, thanks for the info so far. I dont want to take my car to the mechanic, thats why im doing it myself. My father-in-law is a big chevy man, and has every tool imaginable, except for a lift
But, a V8 is different than our motors. Even though there should be some similarities in a tune up, I want to know for myself, what should be done.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by nitrous_50:
don't forget the fuel filter! :)</font>
and a new o2 sensor

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Well, I can save you the trouble and paste in my list (includes all of the other stuff I need done too). Anybody want to help estimate labor (realistic shop hours, not you wizard mechanics on Jolt).

Clutch - ? hours
install aftermarket clutch
resurface fly wheel

Under-drive pulleyes - ? hours
install aftermarket crank and water pump pulleyes

Motor Mounts - ? hours
install stock engine front and engine rear motor mounts
install aftermarket motor mount inserts for firewall and radiator positions

Rear Oil Seal - ? hours
Front Oil Seal - ? hours
Valve Oil Seals (one or two which are leaking) - ? hours

Tune up with stock parts - Wires, Plugs, cap, rotor, fuel filter,... Oil and Fluid change using premium/synthetics - ? hours
Timing to 17
O2 Sensor

Suspension - ? hours
Install stock front upper control arms
Install ES swaybar bushings front and rear
Install ES upper endlink bushings front
Install ES upper endlink bushings rear
Install ES front lower control arm bushings

Shocks/Struts KYB AGX Adjustable - ? hours
Install AGX shocks,struts, boots, bump stops, shock tower insulators, shock eyes...

Transmission shifter stabilizer bushings - ? hours

Parts List
Engine Front motor mount $111
Engine Rear motor mount $68
Front Oil Seal $6
Rear Oil Seal and retainer $50
Valve Oil Seal(s) $3
O2 Sensor $60
Clutch Cable $27
Front Upper Control Arm/Third Link (1 pair) $220
Rear Stabilizer Links $40
Cap $21
Rotor $11
Wires $66
Plugs $64
Fuel Filter $12
Oil Filter $5
Air Filter $9
PCV Valve $9
Misc Tune up parts

Other possible
Lower Control Arm Assemblies $240
Front Sway Bar End Links $22
Rear Sway Bar End Links
Rear Strut Insulators $68
Front Suspension Bumpers $36

Unorthodox Racing
Ultra Street Lightened Underdrive Crank Pulleys (includes water pump) Part #021000702 $210

NX9-HDMM including release and pilot bearing $350 ($376 full retail)

Energy Suspension
Motor Mount Inserts- (2 Torque Mount Positions Only) 7-1105 (1 set) $26
Universal Sandwhich Bushings 1" diameter with hole through middle (2 as spacers for motor mount inserts, 4 as upper endlink bushings for 6 total) 9-8106? end link grommets?
Manual Transmission Shifter Stabilizer Bushing Set 7-1103 (1 set) $13
Front Lower Control arm bushings (same as in Sentra Kit 7-18104) $137 for kit, ? for just fronts
Universal Sway Bar Bushings 19mm front 9-5122 (2) non-greasable, smaller bracket? <$40
Universal Sway Bar Bushings 18mm rear 9-5123 (2) non-greasable, smaller bracket? <$40
Shock/Strut boots, bump stops, shock tower insulators, shock eyes....
White Energy Suspension Grease 2oz tub

AGX Front Shock (2) $190
AGX Right Rear Strut (1) $113
AGX Left Rear Strut (1) $113

(And yes, this is sort of a double post of what I put in the G20 forum - and I am a weasel asking twice, but it does seem relevant).

Good luck on your tune up,

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I was reading the post that talks about putting a SR into a 1.6, and he said he got his motor for $415 shipped. Do you all think I should just buy a new lower milage motor, and do a smaller tune up to that? rather than doing a major tune up on my tired, oil leaking motor?



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Buying a new motor is a definite option. Just don't forget about costs for install and all that. I'd price both and then decide what your really want to do: i.e. if you plan on keeping the car for a good amount of time, get the new engine, otherwise just tune up and go.

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