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And to make a long story short, I was nervous as all hell and ran a 15.928 the first time around..

My best time of the night was a 15.675 with a 2.3 60ft time..

My friend took my car down the track and ran a best of 15.538 with a 2.2 60ft time..

The car is a 1991 NX2000 with over 128,000 miles. It was also ran down the track yesterday with a full interior except I took the spare out. The car has a filter, exhaust, and ES motor mounts. That's about it.

Do any of you guys have tips of getting those 2.2 60ft times? I could really use the advice.. Just wanted to share my experience down the track.. Peace!

1991 NX2000
1998 200SX SE-R

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Nice times Jerome, as I said, those 2.2's are just a few more passes away. I think the dry burnout, cleaning off the tires makes a small difference. Don;t worry, there is plenty of times to nail down those 60' times. Can't wait to head out there again!
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