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I own a 1990 240sx with a SR20DET transmission and engine. I bought the car already swapped and am having difficulties figure out what exactly needs to be done to get the speedo working. The owner is 'pretty' sure it stopped working after the swap... But I would take that with a grain of salt because he doesn't quite remember.

Starting at the basics, I'm pretty sure the sensor currently in the transmission is a SR20DET sensor that was just plugged into the cars harness when it was swapped. There is a green/(yellow?) wire connect to the harness from the transmission. The speedometer does not flicker or move at all while driving.

So, I just need to know what I need to get it working... Do I just need a KA sensor? If so, what year? I'm pretty sure that a 1990 sensor won't fit a SR transmission. Do I need a DOHC cluster? I'd like to keep my cluster if possible as it's low mileage and may be hard to mileage match... I just need advice on what to try to see if I can get it working. Thanks!

EDIT: All the other gauges on the cluster work fine. The speedometer is the only one not working on the gauge.
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