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man, I was driving back home from a buddies house this morning and I am driving down the hwy when I see a white 98 se-r get on my a$$. bone stock, but it had a bra
anyways, he wants to play, and in the process of smoking him, I (we) pass by a hottie in a green 98 se-r. that is the biggest group of 98 se-rs I have ever seen in my life (and probably theirs too). I just thought it was really wierd that there were 3 98s side by side going down the hwy.
and we all knew what was up too. the chick looked over at my car and smiled, the dude gave me a thumbs up after catching up, and we are all happy Nissan owners. puts a tear in my eye. jk
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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