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ideas for GB's

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I vote for someone to do a GB on the Wilwood 11 or 11.75 BIG brake kits.
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I'd be happy with that or a set of cams... that would make me very happy. :-d
I second that vote for an 11" Fastbrakes kit. Anyone got connections?
cams/or remus
I maybe able to talk to Brian at FastBrakes to do another deal, he is actually in the process of making custom rotors for the SE-R/NX kits... I imagine we'd need at least 5 people interested and then I can talk to him to see what he would do for prices, he's pretty cool to me cause ive dupmed alot of money his way....brake pads, replacement pistons, o-rings, fittings, lines, rotors.. the guy has everything and his kits are the best!! how many people are up for it.. lets make a list to see who is committed!!!
If you can get some prices and details on everything included I might be swayed into buying some.
OK, I will call Brian on Monday or early next week, abd see how many kits he wants purchased for a group buy and what it includes. I am gonna ask about the 11" heavy duty rotor(choice of slotted/x-drilled) the rotors are 23mm(3mm short of an inch) thick and directional vaned i believe. The Calipers are Wilwood Dynalite 2; 4-piston, and it comes with a pair of stainless lines, torque members, and a set of Pads(not sure which ones he uses now). I recommend upgrading to the Altima Master Cylinder and Motul RBF 600 Fluid.. this set up(properly bled) will stop on a FU**ING DIME!!!!!! please believe me!! :) anyways, if this sounds good to everyone let me know and Ill inquire...
****EDTIT*** Keep in Mind....
When I bought my setup on the intital first deal(2 yrs ago??), it was about $6xxish-7xxish+shipping(about $20) or so...not bad considering most big brake kits reach up and over $ anyways....FASTBRAKES' kits are really solid, you dont get junk and you can expect them to last along time depending on the life you give them (alot of racing, etc) in comparison to most brake systems....this is for people who want real stopping power and plan to use it!!!

so like i said, if the interest and the fundage is there, I am more than positive we can make something happen!!!
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ALLRIGHT!!!!! heard back from FastBrakes

In order for the group buy to go through, we need :
10 Orders
$750 for the kit +25 shipping anywhere in the US (not HI & AK)

Thats what we are looking at....if you guys are still interested and want to try and make this go through, I will open up a new thread and we'll see where it takes us. Let me know. Thanks!!
I want a set on GB let me know.
allright, just looking to get some feedback from a few more people and I will open up a new thread to hopefully get more people involved, i will post the link here once that happens to direct you guys to the new info..

everyone else that wqas interested, voice your opinion and let me know whats up....
Open it up i know 2 friends wants fastbrakes kits.I need a price on 2 pcs rotor slotted 11.75 inch kit if the make one.
if you want a specific kit other than the 11" HD kit, you will have to contact FastBrakes directly, I can tell you right now the 2 piece rotors and the 11.75" kit is gonna cost you a pretty penny, still a good price compared to other companies, but thats why i decided to go with the 11" heavy duty kit because ites performance is awesome, its long lasting and reliable, affordable and still allows the use of certain 15" wheels for us drag racers.. there is no hope in the world to use 15" wheels on the 11.75" kit without using huge spacers (which at that point becomes bad for the bearings). Anyhow.. anyone else interested??
I think there should be a group buy on the 20v exhaust manifold.
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