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Idle Problems

I got a roller rocker SR20.
- S3 Cams
- Cam Gears with exhaust retarded 2.5 degrees (exhaust stays open longer for more over lap)
- 15 degrees timing
- 94 Octane gas
- BKR6E-11 plugs
- Pulley set
- 62000 KM

The car was mis firing badly today. Threw a bunch of codes.

- Random mis-fire
- Mixture too lean
- MAF Malfunction

I just multi-metered my plug wires and they measured their resistance from 7.1 to 11 Kohms for various cylinders.

I have always gotton that random mis-fire code ever since I put my cams in. As time progressed I started to get the Mixture too lean code as well. It has not gotton to the point that its starting to concern me wheather there might be a hidden problem brewing inside my motor.

Any insights?
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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