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hey im looking to sell my 1992 nx2000 around the chicago area only. i just dont have time or money to continue to fix and enjoy this car.

the is a white 92' nx2000. oem aerokit, fogs, ttops, alloys, everything. the engine still runs strong at 112,xxx miles. it is an auto and needs minor exterior work.
for the age of the car, the paint still looks pretty good. i had begun to repair the rust on the a pillar but ran out of time and money to finish. i sanded it down and removed rust for preparation for glassing.

im not looking to get much but i am looking for 1200 me at [email protected] or call 224 595 0684.

**again this is for chicago area only... unless your willing to go here**
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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