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just thought I would share this for people who couldn't attend.

Its 10:15pm Saturday night RIGHT NOW, today was a full day (for some) of turning wrenches. Alot of guys were doing stuff as early as 8am!! Not me though, I didn't get to the shop till late afternoon....hehe I'm staying with my friends at RIT (college dorms) and I got lost trying to find the way from RIT to the official Salt Fest shop
....2 hours of driving around East Rochester....lots of gas went to waste.

Anyways once I finally got there it was pretty cool. There were 9 SE-R's in the garage getting work done. My guesstimate would be 30+ people there all working on each others cars. It's pretty cool.

I didn't get to do anything to my car (need to adjust timing and idle and clean my TB and CAI) but I will tommorow. Everyone has been real cool. Well anyways gonna go drink some more now.

'98 Sentra SE(R)
Hotshot G3 Header, Hotshot CAI, JWT s4 Cams, Timing @ 19, KYB AGXs, Eibach Sportlines, Courtesy F&R STB's, ES Mounts, MOMO Shifter, Nis-Knacks chrome projector headlights and clear corners, 205/50/ Pirelli P700Z's

15.454 @ 88mph at Englishtown, NJ - stock cams

14's this season
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