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Okay I have the money and Im ready to order a DET motor for my 95 200sx SER, but I have a few questions first:

What do I need to do to my car to prepare it for the new motor?

Besides the Motor, what other parts do I need?
-BOV - I know i want a diverter valve type which recirculates the boost into the intake tract.
-some sort of engine management for the turbo. Is the JWT ECU the best way to have this taken care of? what else in regards to engine/turbo management
-new poly. engine mounts?
-I can keep my stock tranny right...

Before I install the motor, what should I do to make sure it will be in good running order. I have heard new gaskets & bearings? is this necessary?

My understanding is that this is pretty much a "plug and play" swap.

Sorry for all the questions, it is so hard to find information on the internet about this so any links would be greatly appreciated. I am just excited and anxious to get this project started.

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Well, I hate to say to a search like the SE-R list, but folks have asked this before on this forum and there is detailed info in older posts. Do a search on this forum or just look for older topics about this and you will find a wealth of info.

Basically comes down to I don't feel like typing it all out at the moment

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