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lowport sr20de intake mani w/throttle body $50 shipped
lowport sr20de head, just head no parts $60 shipped
lowport sr20de cams and gears $30 shipped
96 sr20de stock maf $25 shipped
GTI-R exhaust cam- +7hp $80 shipped
96 G20 mt ecu $100 shipped sale pending
96 200sx se mt ecu $50 shipped
NEW arospeed adj coilovers for B14 $75 shipped
NEW NGK spark plugs BKR-6E (4) $12 shipped
(2) used OBX-R mufflers $30 shipped each
17x7 white maxxim conflicts w/ polish rim $350 local
pick up only... need new tires (philly area)
sr20de fuel rail w/ stock injectors and stock fpr $25 shiped

Mischief (tekodemics) import racing $12 shipped
Mischief 3000 gum ball tour $12 shipped

PS2 games
Run Like hell $15 shipped
Midnight club $15 shipped
Virtua Fighter 4 $12 ShippedSilent Hill 2 $12 shipped
Eve of Extincion $12 shipped
Smugglers Run 2 $12 shipped
Red Faction $12 shipped
Gravity Games: dirt bike $15 shipped
****buy all games $100 shipped

Super Street Mag Lot
25 magazines $30 shipped

Buck Knife
never used, collectors item
7" blade "scream knife"
$50 shipped

universal M3 signal mirrors, used $30 shipped

email me at [email protected]
need to sell asap

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seRpwr said:
g20 ecu SOLD
Intake mani/ fuel rail SOLD

all ps2 games $40 shipped
Head $40 shipped
coilovers $65 shipped
throw offers on everything else

email me at [email protected]
All those games for $40?? PM me

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off topic but tekademics is awesome! I chill with Dustin and Dado every Wednesday, I am hoping to be in the next movie they make. They say that the group I roll with(TI) will be in the next film cuz we roll deep and have a big showing every Wednesday. If u wanna chill with Tekademics East just PM me and I'll let you know whats up!

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tell them to get some sr20 powered cars in there videos.. and not just 240's either. I saw dustin at hot imprt nights in philly, i tried to get him to get some shots of my ride but I guess it wasnt good enough;) WHere u guys meet up?
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