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The New LM-2 “Basic Kit” # 3837 is a New low price option for those who just want to log or view Air Fuel Ratio. At $349.00 MSRP, it is a great value & the lowest price wideband meter available. If a customer wants additional functions like RPM, OBDll, Carrying Case or SD card, they can purchase the optional accessories or the complete kit part numbers 3806 or 3807

The new LM-2 "Basic" Kit (Single Wideband O2) ONLY includes the LM-2 meter, Bosch wide-band oxygen sensor, 8 ft sensor cable, cigarette-lighter power adapter, USB cable for PC connection, weld-in bung and plug, LogWorks software CD, and quick-start guide.

Tuner Tools is a Certified Distributor for Innovate Motorsports Products - Dealer Inquiries welcome

*Note: The LM-2 "Basic" Kit out of the box only includes accessories to display your Air/Fuel Ratio either on the meter and/or on your PC. To log RPM, or to Output the wideband signal to an external device you'll need the LM-2 Analog IN/OUT Cable (P/N: 3811) optional accessory. For OBD-II features you'll need the LM-2 OBD-II Cable (P/N: 3809) optional accessory. To record internally to your LM-2 you'll need the SD Card (P/N: 3787) optional accessory. This unit also comes in a cardboard box, the black hard case is an optional accessory LM-2 Carrying Case (P/N: 3836)*

For the complete kits with the optional cables & hardcase see:

IN-3806 LM-2 Single Channel Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Meter with OBDll

IN-3807 LM-2 Pro-V Dual Channel Wideband Air Fuel Ratio Meter with OBDll
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