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insight on custom jobby

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I am doing the sentra front end with tsuru lighting on my NX. has anyone else went balls deep into this and hit a wall? I work at a body shop with all the materials and people to help, but not all you b13 gurus. I know you would probably have to cut the nx fenders and weld them to the sentra fenders, use the sentra hood too. i would imagine the rad support from sentra too. lemme know your thoughts, i am hoping to show at import wars with that and a maercedes black with blue pearl paint job and little stuff. thanks
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Only help I can offer is to say that I cant wait to see how it turns out!
anybody got any ideas while i am balls deep into it, i should do other stuff? thanks again
i got an idea sell me your tsuru lights lol j/k but worth a try
where can you get those for a decent price?
made measurement today and things are looking a bit strange but good
I like the way it looks in the picture is that a sucessful conversion or just a nx photoshop-ed up?
i photochoped it to see the end result
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