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Intermittent misfire on Silvia

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First post, hello everyone.

I have recently experienced an intermittent misfire with my SR20DE equipped Silvia, Occasionally under 2500 rpm the engine will basically cut out a cylinder. It happens more under load with the aircon on. When playing up it will skip along at idle causing jolts which can be felt in the cabin.

I have alread replaced the distributor cap and checked the plugs and leads to no avail. It really feels like an ignition problem but due to the fact that its quite random, I have not idea what it could be anymore.

Sorry to pose such difficulty like this, but I have seen that some of you guys take SR20DE ownership very seriously - maybe someone could give me a hand?
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what are the plugs gapped too? did you replace the wires? it could also be an injector on its way out. an easy way to check is to idle the engine and pull the plug wires *dont shock yourself* :tongue: one at a time and figure out which cyl is dead. do the same with the inj clips.
Echoing above, try new plug wires.

I went through it all tracking down a misfire on a Corolla, and it was the spark plug wires ultimately.
Thanks javier, it kind of feels like an electrical problem so i'll re-check those plug leads. I think the plugs themselves are ok because i've driven approx 4000kms (circa 2500 miles) on them before this, but I didn't consider injector trouble. I'll give them a look as well.

Like all intermittent engine problems though, it's an absolute pest to diagnose. Appreciate the help.
sure, np. ive also had fun trying to chase down electrical gremlins. at one point, cyl #2 on my motor wasnt firing or getting any spark at all. i changed everything, plugs, rotor, cap, wires. still no spark. i threw in a spare dizzy that i had and now it works fine. im still confused on why the old dizzy was only providing spark to 3 out of 4 cyl's :confused:

good luck
Whats a dizzy? Distributor I assume? And yes, try what everyone else mentioned.
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