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1991 nissan sentra se-r:Vet:)

I bought her in 2007

First thing I got rid of is the hood w/ the hood scoop.Replaced it with a carbon fiber o.e.m style hood.

List of things i fixed in the car so far ...that the last owner did not do...

new pcv, new dist, took over 10feet of extra wire that was not used...carbon fiber hood..injectors.. location of gauges, new steering wheel...tranny swap..clutch..flywheel..fluids...cleaned engine bay , new cleaner door panels,300zx shift knob, new boost controller location and upgraded it,new tensioner, aligned timing since the timing was off when i got the car,l ist keeps getting basicly almost rebuilding the car slowly...

Need to be done:

Turbo swap, o2 swap, water pump, suspension(i have the struts in my room AGX kyb adjustables and soon the get springs road magnets, koni shorted bump stops.)alternator, power steering delete, upgraded cam jwt S4's, Upgraded ecu, with afc to fine tune, one day if i take the motor out ill do the oil pump to a ve oil pump...more oil pressure:)axle and rotors, brake fluid flush, unjam my rear brakes so i can have my hand brake back...(thats next )....more to come to make my d.d more healthier..:thumbsup:

And if anyone needs help with a 1991-1994 sentra or a b14 pm me...;)

I blew the transmission at englishtown almost a month ago. Im looking for the p11 trans which can handle high hp compare to the old transmissions. Once i get the trans, time for a new starter, axels,clutch,8.8 lighten flywheel(fidenza) while the car is not running im swaping in jwt s4' cams and get a calum ecu reflash. I will start taking pics of all the work that would be done for the car. My sentra will not be my d.d anymore:( But for now my search continues for this dam trans.

3/10/09 New part list:

Act srung 6 puck, act pressure plate, f. flywheel 8.5 pounds, agx adjustable, road magnet springs front and rear, new rotors, ebrake lines, fluids, axels, starter, lower ball joints, tie rods, 2001 g20t lsd tranmission, red line heavy duty tranny fluid, 2 1000cfm electric fans, odyessy light battery, vht caliper paint, z32 maf, calum ecu, traction bars, tires falken azenis 615s all around, more to come..

as the car sits

oh yes 2002 p11 transmission w/ miko's tranny bracket and new raxel axels

started to get things done

little wire tuck

after i need a better pic

current picture of engine bay February 10-2012


Mod list: U13/t-25, calum ecu (z32,4bar,370cc),s4 cams, fidenza flywheel (8.5),hotshots big intercooler kit, apex intake filter, act extreme pressure plate, six puck sprung clutch, p11 lsd transmission, raxels axels, nx2000 front brakes, maxima rears, braided lines, altima master cylinder, agx adjustables, road magnet springs, lower stillen front and rear sway bar,626 lip, carbon fiber hood, tsuru headlights,93-94 front bumper, nissan mud flaps, SSR Type F(15' 4x100 offset 35) rims, Falken azenis 615s (205/50/15) . Not installed traction bars.

Bicycle: trek 2.3 road bike
Mods: carbon fiber fork and seat post, dual bell water bottle setup,wireless cadence speedometer, SPD clip pedals:)

Mod list 0f 12/31/09 .I think i still need to add things :O
sr20det U13

Engine mods:
Gtir manifold
Hotshots big intercooler kit
Jwt s4 cams
Apex intake
1g DSM rec. valve
New oem water pump
New oem alternater
Nismo thermostat
Vrs 3inch Downpipe
Vrs 3inch Cat-back

Stainless steel Lines
Nx2000 front caliper and Rotors
Maxima Rears
New oem e-brake lines
Altima master cylinder

01-02 P11 5spd w/lsd
Act extreme pressure plate
Act six puck sprung
Fidenza flywheel 8.5 pounds
Raxels axels
Miko's tranny bracket
New oem clutch cable
New oem starter
New oem front wheel bearings R/L

Agx adjustables
Road magnet springs
New oem outer tie rods
Traction Bars
New oem control arms

Engine management:
Calum ecu (z32,3bar,740cc)
Apexi A/f controller
Z32 Maf
Walbro 255 fuel pump
Innovate lc-1 wideband
Greddy type s boost controller
Nismo 740cc injectors
Nismo Fpr

Tsuru headlights
Oem style carbon fiber hood
93-94 Oem front bumper
Oem Nissan mud flaps
Mazda 626 lip Painted black
15x7 SSR type F Offset 35
Oem VVL valve cover (VVL badge removed)

15x7 offset 35 SSR type F wraped with Falken Azenis 615's :bigthumbup:
I should of painted the rotors dammit..

5/13/09 good news new mods: traction bars and slicks Bad news coolent leak in the back of the motor, time for a turbo upgrade bye bye t-25:)


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damn...para pa pa pa i'm lovin' it.

agent camel toe
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i wish e-town was that empy when i go...nice car reminds me of my old b13

learning in progress
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:biggthump :biggthump nice ride....some engine shots please....!
...sooo *** r ur time slips looking like is clean
The engine shots will be coming soon..the engine bay hasn't been painted just waiting on the motor to blow so i can build it, delete the abs, power steering and all the lil things that cluter the bay..

This was my first time running the car on the track and ran a [email protected] 2.1 60ft with 7-8 psi.. Im going to the track again either this week or next, since i installed the s4's cams and run a higher boost.

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i see alot of red b13's and this is by far one of the cleanist

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clean up that engine bay and you will be golden. LMK when you are going to etown I should have my care done this weekend hopefully.

learning in progress
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clean up that engine bay and you will be golden. LMK when you are going to etown I should have my care done this weekend hopefully.
yea, no doubt .. i want to set up a big meet at e-town when the car is done..the car should be running this week with the 370cc i can see everything is all good and gravy, then dropping in the 740's of course a new calum program..and then throw on the wideband and my a/f and off to the dyno:biggthump

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nice ride (except for the engine bay lol) Get that thing to a dyno quick. You should be able to trap 110mph with that setup no problem. I might suggest you put an external wastegate on too. They have been know to work really well with that turbo. Keep us updated on your post tune times.
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