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Nice done whit the interior man ;) and that manual rack was very intresting...mabye couse I cant find a decent OEM part here were I live
nice work ;)

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What bracket did you use to mount the Recaro seats? I have a set of the same seats and would like to know the cleanest, neatest route to install them.
im using honda civic brackets ..just have to modify them a bit..when they get welded ill post the pics

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sr20vet avenir bottem end/vvl head

Engine mods:
B.C springs and retainers
VVL oil pump/ g-spec pulley
Relocated alternator
K24 alternator (usdm 240sx)
Vet manifold
Gt2871r .86 housing
Turbo fx split 3inch j-pipe w/ screamer
3inch s.s dp
Vrs 3inch Cat-back

Altima master cylinder
S.s brake Lines
Wilwood 4 psiton calipers 11Inch drill and slotted rotors
Maxima Rears disks
Deleted abs converted to non abs

2002 P11 5spd w/lsd
Act extreme pressure plate
Act six puck unsprung
Fidenza flywheel 8.5 pounds
Raxels axles
Miko's tranny bracket
New oem clutch cable
New oem starter
New oem front wheel bearings R/L

fortune auto coilovers front 8k rear 6k
white line toe correction bushings
New oem control arms
Manuel sentra "e" rack

Engine management:
jwt ecu (z32,3bar,740cc) no rev limit
Apexi A/f controller
msd 6 al2 rev limit 8700
Z32 Maf
Walbro 255 fuel pump
aem wideband
Greddy type s boost controller
Nismo 740cc injectors
Nismo Fpr

Tsuru headlights
Oem style carbon fiber hood
93-94 Oem front bumper
Oem Nissan mud flaps
Mazda 626 lip Painted black
15x7 SSR type F Offset 35
Oem VVL n1 valve cover
arp extended wheel studs
buddy club racing lug nuts

Prosport gauges (boost, water temp, oil pressure)
recaro speed seats (honda civic seat brackets modified)
B14 seat belts


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Hey man this is just beautiful, I also have a 91 SE-R and I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about the turbo set up and what you suggest? Thanks

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well havent been on this forum for a long time..

couple of updates ...starting from
October 3rd 2012.. this is right after the atco nissan event. enjoy :wink

so i went to nissan shootout at atco raceway ..i had a blast ..broke an axle on my first run because of the two step . i hooked upthe 2 step to my clutch and it wouldn't allow me to feather the take off i did the 2 step when i dropped the clutch.... pop ..raxel axle broke

lucky for me nismosigma brought some extra axles so 10min axle change back on the track..

my best times of the day...first time on the new setup with slicks

on the left is 15-16psi on the right boost controller off at 10psi

so at the end of the forth pass smoke started to pour out the motor ..and oil sprayed everywhere ..possibly broke 1st and 2nd ring lands on the block but i dont know yet .drove the car home 70+miles with oil and smoke everywhere....but won the stf class

so now as she sits

yep thats oil in the compressor housing ..maybe turbo went too

i still have both throttle body screws on the plate..

oh and i installed my new carpet with mass backing

Updated : April 16th 2013

hey good morning, recently, I pulled the motor, tore it down and piston #2 blew the oil ring land ..I.guess 11.8-12.0af was a little too hot to run. As life finances grow tight, the motor build will not be complete until next month (needing new ve rings) for the turbo. ill be sending it to pureturbos in.California for the gtx upgraded wheel and billet compressor surely and slowly the car would be on the road again.

February 22 2014

One piece of the puzzle ..Next im sending the turbo out

Trackforge t2 vet placement

May 11 2014

Quick update finally bringing things back together

May 13 2014
Finished the build over the weekend. Now bolt up the trans..throw it in the car and patiently wait for the turbo to come in from pureturbos
yep, its the trackforge t2vet manifold

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June 17 2014-

so i finally got the turbo back


making sure everything is lined up

over all look of the engine bay.. but wait a kitty cat.

moving along now nothing to see

so far put close to 250miles on it ..very little boost if any ..i did get on it in second gear but just spun very quick to 8600:eek: didn't bounce off the limiter since i let go quickly.
I have to say for highway pickup with the ve pistons you don't need boost at all to pass someone ..keep it in 5th then go ..

i did do a compression test today, the engine was off for about 30min after driving an hour so it was still pretty hot..high 80's today and it was mostly city driving poor clutch.

i did use my cosmetic 1.1 gasket anyway more pictures




third cylinder is slightly lower you can see.

well more breakin time for now ..then ill do a street tune (base timing currently at 13) with the boost controller off not going to push it until I get nismotronic and dyno tuned :bigthumbup:
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