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Hello, I am a 64 year old competitive club racer. I currently have a SR20DET in a S13 Silvia which is a dedicated track car. It has a fully forged bottom end which is good for 325rwkw (435rwhp) on conservative boost. It runs an RB25 5 speed, twin plate clutch, KAAZ LSD, 6 piston Alcon brakes & rotors and Tein fully adjustable shocks and runs on Yokohama semi-slicks.
I am looking to convert to VE heads and need to know the origins of my SR block (S13? or S14?). Engine number is SR20014844W. Any assistance provided is welcomed.

Photo taken mid-way through the "Eastern Loop", a slow 3rd gear off-camber corner at Lakeside Park Raceway (approx 35 klm (22 miles) north of Brisbane Queensland Australia). Lakeside is a fast flowing 3.2 klm (2 mile) circuit which incorporates undulation, off-camber corners, a high speed 220+ kph (140+ mph) 5th gear dog led in the main straight and a 220+ kph (140+ mph) 5th gear back straight which is a long way from being straight - a real drivers circuit! PB in this car is a 58.3 seconds.

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