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is first a loading only gear?

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my car didnt come with a owner manual. whats a safe speed to drop into first? does it really matter? i had a ford that could only be put into 1st on go or at like 5mph. it however was a pos.
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I find that I can't put my NX into first unless I am almost at a standstill. Well, I can, but the grinding just ain't worth it. God-bless the SR20's torque. In stop-and-go traffic, I am frequently in 2nd gear at 5 MPH.
I say if you are rolling there really is no purpose in dropping back into 1st gear. I really think the only safe way to drop into 1st gear is when the car is at a full stop. JMHO!
i agree with these guys, if my car is rolling i'll put it in 2nd if i'm going real slow(5mph or less) put it in 2nd but don't give it too much gas until you get to 15-20 otherwise its a lot of stress on the clutch.
thats what i wanted to know. thanks for the help.
You can also rev-match to get into 1st gear. If I'm rolling about 5 mph I will typically blip the throttle, and it will slide into 1st gear. If it doesn't go into 1st, then I just do like everyone else, hit 2nd and ride the clutch some.

i cant put my in 1st unless im pretty much stopped, usually just keep rolling in 2nd
Only go in 1st if you are stopped, as long as you are moving at all you should be 2nd or higher
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