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Is it safe to use an Auto meter tach. with a MSD coil

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i heard this wasnt a wise decision and would void ur autometer warranty?
any input would be helpful
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That setup is used all the time, no problems.
I know that the MSD ignitions have a tach output, and that workd perfectly fine. I would imagine hooking them to the coil like other tachs would be fine as well. Just do it I say!

coach said:
Just do it I say!

Yeh just do it! Let us know what happens afterward so we can all know if we should do it or not in the future. :D ;) (just kidding)

But seriously that combo has been done with no problem. I had it on my Stang and some of my V8 friends are currently still using that combo.

As far as the Autometer warranty being voided, I've never heard of any such things. You might want to call up Autometer or call to verify.
I would think that if you use the blue/black OEM wire from the the tach to get the signal to your new tach it should be fine since it passes through the ECU first and used to run the OEM one. Sorry for the runon sentence.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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