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I finally got my battery hooked up in the trunk last night, and the car fired up right off the bat. All the lights worked, didn't see any smoke, and driving around last night and to work this morning was pretty uneventful.
I've only been kicking around the relocation kit for two years, and it took me about 3 weeks of hassling with the installation.

I have the positive cable going through the rubber booty for the steering column in the firewall. Initially, the cable ran down the center console, but I and some others had reservations about running it that close to the ECU, so I moved the cable so it runs down the channel on the LH-side of the driver's seat where all those wires are for taillights and whatnot.

For the grounding cable, I found this in the mailing list archives: In the trunk, there are two rubber caps on the right side by where the jack is. Pop off the caps, and there are two bolts which I think are for the heatshield or muffler hangar. I hooked the grounding wire to one of the bolts.

my relocation gave me a bunch of HP.

only because i used the freed up room to put an intake on it

1993 NX2000
with stuff.

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just for shits and giggels i added up all my parts per horsepower from the stillen catalogue...i am making 205 horsepower..!!

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Dear Slow, Do yourself a favor, install a remote cut off or fuse the positive cable near the battery, I had relocated the battery on my first '91(on my second now) ran the cable under the rear seat down drivers door pillar through firewall into engine compartment, approx 6 months later I'm driving around hit this bump and my car cuts off I smell this funky smell and look back and see smoke coming up from between my rear seat , I bolt out pop the trunk and see smoke there too, I unhook battery have it towed to the shop where I work and found that the insulation had worn off the positive cable and was grounding out under my rear seat , I installed a 300 amp fuse used to installed mega huge audio systems it can be disconnected in like 2 seconds if that ever happens again just a suggestion and a good idea IMO. Thought I'd share.
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