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Just picked up a '91 SE-R, 178k on the clock, so I'm joining the club.. I'm an ex-DSMer, I used to have a Galant VR4 (#1094) 'til the con rods gave way (I think). Nice sleeper sedan, and pretty quick out of the box.

So I can appreciate how SE-R owners also enjoy understated performance. Don't get me wrong, I'd get another DSM in a minute, but I just wanted to say I like the vibe on this board, and can't wait to get my car on the road (it's gonna need some brake work, and a good tune up first).

No BS, no excess trash, just performance and tips. Lots of similarity to the DSM boards- where there are lots of fast cars but everyone respects each other and everyone pretty much knows someone's always going to have a faster / better handling car than yours so why bother with the flexing and trash talk? Let's save that for the kills forums. Hahah.

OK, just wanted to get my $0.02 across- more (SR20DE) power to the SE-Rs out there. Out.

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Welcome! Hope you have many moons of enjoyment from your Classic (everybody knows they're the best

Where are you from?

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Just another one o' them Manhattan transplants... To Jersey. Essex County.

Funny thing, when I had the Galant, I couldn't park it anywhere in Manhattan.

Two months ago when I moved to Jersey and had parking, I blew up the Galant and had to sell. Now that I have parking again and have a SE-R, it's a good feeling.

When the SE-R's on the road ripping nicely to 7500, it should go from good to great.

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Better yet, pls. post your SN because unless you are on my b-list you cannot see me, so giving my SN would be useless. I'll find you. Thx. Later.
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