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anyone ever use the ecu or anything from JUN? what were your impressions?
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I have to agree with brian. JUN is great stuff but expensive.

Hey brian, thanks for your input, I went ahead and got the JUN flywheel and ACT street/strip clutch....nice!

funny thing though is that I can launch off the line twice as easily as before when I had my stock clutch and flywheel! Whether it's to race, or just to putt around. If I knew how it was going to feel, I would've ordered the 9.5 lb. wheel instead of the 10.5 lb.
The flywheel works great on the track!

I went with a buddy of mine to a track day with the BMW club here in Portland, Oregon.

Portland International Raceway is a 3 mile roadcourse.

I don't really know how to heel and toe shift, but it is still easier shifting and matching RPM's for downshifting smoothly when entering turns.

Plus, when exiting turns it accelerates
and gets you into the powerband quicker.

The best part was when I kept getting on the bumper of a GSR coming out of some of the turns! This thing supposedly had the Mugen cams, and Mugen computer......he also had Kumho racing tires. The only time he pulled on me was down the front straight, which is 2500' long! I was able to hit 120 MPH!

Awesome track.

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1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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