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just a little work i did over the weekend.

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to be continued....
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lol...nice air freshener on the car with no interior..... :D
oops.. i posted in the wrong forum.. but hey.. its still an all motor car.. :D please move to members rides.

on a side note.. the freshner weighs as much as a qtip :D
Geesh, it's like the thing to do to strip your car nowadays. I keep taking mine out, then putting it back in. I put it back in a week ago and just took it out today. At least I'm not going crazy like you guys. I just take out everything behind the front seats. That way, if you never look back, you wouldn't realized it looks like a theft recovery back there :D

Nice job...what did you do this for? Wieght reduction or to put in Audio stuff? Probably a dumb question, but...just wondering :D
I like the white mirrors. Do you have any more pics of them from the outside? I gutted my car last summer, put the interior back in during the fall, and I want it out again.
reason i took it out is because of the carpet.. i needed a new. my friend gave me his from his 93.. then i thought.. why not rewire my stereo system the right way.. wireloom, zipties, oh my just today im doing the 94 interior into the 91. I just also finished installing my 94 seats with nx2k seat rails. next week.. im going to add a polk 10" sub with about 100 to 125 rms for the sub and 80 watts into my front and rear of course all rms... all this is going to be powered by the all might jvc kdsh99 mp3 player.. ooh.. the best there is the best there was and the best there will ever BE!!!.. jvc is the only stereo that can scan mp3 on the fly and quickly.. no loading lag like i experienced with pioneer sony kenwood or other brands.. more pics to come..

edit.. my wing shall be coming off. just waiting for a hot day..
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