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I am very interested in getting a de-t motor for my car, and was wondering if they can put one in the new sentra platform? I thought about getting a SE-R SpecV, but I heard about the engine, and it kinda turned me away from that. I read that the engine would be good with i/h/e but after that it wasnt gonna take much more. Dont judge me on this b/c I am only relaying what I read. It might be total BS, so who knows, but I do know that I want to either get a FMAX setup or if I am lucky a de-t swap. So any imput you guys have would be great.

'01 Sentra SE
Place Racing CAI
..and other no HP adding goodies...

I would have waited for a new SE-R or SE-R SpecV, but I am gonna get a sr20de-t anyway, so it didnt really matter...
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