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just found out i may be moving to melbourne soon.

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well i just found out my fiance might be moving down to melbourne Fl by the end of the year. currently we're way up here in milwaukee wisconsin. she has some family down there, and she really likes it down there. she told me its a real ritzy area her family is in and we'd most likely be in the same subdivision/area. i kinda like the idea of moving, im sick of the snow.

so anyone in that area.. how do you like it? is it a nice area? can you give me some pros/cons?

i like the idea of not shoveling, racing year round and having t shirt weather nearly year round.

just post in here if your in the area, so i have an idea of the amount of forum members around there.

BTW wheres the closest 1/4mile?
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area very quiet kinda boring for me unless you have kids and just want to settle down. don't live near the area but sometimes work around there. i wouldn't mind living there if i had a good amount of friends and family. not sure about car club meetings near that area or clubs around there either
Hey i juss moved to melbourne, it's pretty quiet i heard about a big turn out at the hooters but i havent been yet... The closest track i think would be bithlo it's probly a good hour and some change drive (correct me if i am wrong).. i need some more sr20's around here i havent seen any yet, but i see alot of honduhs like everywhere...
Its cool in Melbourne. I have a cousin that lives there and she loves it. Also the cool thing is that you will be like 2 hours away from us :D

FL is a cool place bro and it home of all the REAL NICE SE-R's
If you live beachside it's really nice.....getting REALLY pricey, but nice. Also the Viera area is nice, but really getting busy. Good thing about beachside (barrier islands) is once the land is built on, that's it, it will only get so busy there because there's nothing left to build on that isn't protected.

you should like it :D
I live a couple minutes from there. Good places to eat. Lot's of rich ppl cars. It's where all of the Merritt Island people drive to when they just wanna drive. Nice straight roads. A mall. You gotta Best Buy there soooo I guess that's good. :D Watch out for old people drivers who can't drive and like to give you a bad look because your car is louder than theirs. Anddddd don't worry about your lack of seeing Sr's. They are there, just hiding from you. Tell me when you get down here and I'll meet you at the next "Thing" that happens around here. Watch out for rice though. There is some things that will turn your head and then make you puke.
whoa what the hell. way to many people in melbourne!

anyhow lets see...nearest track is at bithlow.

melbourne= confused.

Its a huge middle class area for the most part, than u get to the Suntree/Vierra area. thats obviously where your talking about, cause thats the nearest thing to ritzy we got. So..yah vierra is cool, minus all the old retires who do 25 mph on side streets. I live like smack dab in the middle of melbourne, 15 minutes from best buy and the mall, and like 5 minutes from vierra.

Are there a lot of SR20 cars? YES. go to the hooters off of Babcock street on thursday night and u will probably see about 5-6 cars each time with an SR20DET.

I just got me a 93 Coupe, so be on the lookout for a stockish looking maroon beast with crappy rims!
nearest thing to ritzy? go beachside much? Two places: Lansing Island (ALL multi-million dollar homes ferraris, porsches, etc....) Tortoise Island, million dollar homes, etc. Aw hell, all of beachside is getting like that.

Oh, and I'll be back in Satellite this weekend gettin my car.
im talking about main land... i go in tortoise island all the time, hawksbill, lanternback, etc...and for the most part, the large majority of cars in there are just SUV's.

on beach side of course theres more ritzy stuff...

as for the mainland, im accurate in my statement. vierra= the shiznit.
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