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I have now totalled TWO NX2000s in 4 months. It was hell to find the second one and I had to put more $$$ into getting the body work done than I paid for it to begin with. I live in L.A. so at least there are usually more of them around than in most places but I don't see any that I like at the moment. I had a white '91 5 speed that I loved for nine years and 97,000 miles. The new one was a burgundy'92 automatic that didn't move me quite the same way. I really hope that I can find another '91 or '92 white one (I like the grey stripe and interior fabric better) before I have to give in and get something else. There really isn't anything else that I want! Anyone want to sell me their's?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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