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JWT C3 + Turbo, discussion

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Would there be to little pwer under 3k to make this worth while? or would the +4k benifits make it worth while?
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do you already have the C3's?

The only turbo I can see that would make use of the C3s would be something like a GT35R or something bigger. Otherwise S4s are your best friend.

And even with a setup with C3s and a GT35R or bigger. the car will make power all on top end. It would just be nuts.
yes it holds more than all of our other weaksauce gearboxes, but it doesnt mean that it will handle a setup that will be putting down over 500 whp easy like a C3+ GT35R and up would easily produce. Like i said before. Sell the parts and go with S4's. The best cam made period for a car that will be driven on the street for any setup.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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