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i know they aren't available for my car yet, but those of you that have them...what do you think?

was it worth the cash?
how did it effect the daily driving?
does the idle lope?
could you feel the gain?

that will most likely, once they come out, be the last engine mod i do for i want an ecu @ the same time.that way, all my other mods will be on and programmed. let me know your opinions...thanks!

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I thought they were awesome. Those with the HS header were good then I added the courtesy cat back and the car was insane. The idle didn't change much IMHO but my 98 always had a weird idle that would hunt between 800-1000 rpms from the time I bought it. From 2k to 7100 they pulled like stink. They were well worth the money.


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Answers in order.
i see redline more often.
yep, but its comepletely under control. Some poeple that ride with me like the lope (the motor mounts make you feel it)
HELL YES! The stock 99 cams are even weaker than the stock 98 cams which are weaker than the stock 95-97 cams.

The reason I say almost is because I cant use all the power they are making, so I feel as if some of the money is being wasted. The power peak is probably around 6900-7000 rpm. With a 7100 redline I have lots of power that I cant get to
I need a better exhaust to, that should make them more fun.
Of course, a JWT ECU will fix that. Without the ECU I might even recommend the 92 intake cam because of the price difference. That won't help you though

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The JWT s3 cams that I had in my now sold 91 SE-R were the BEST mod I got. $550 and the car felt totally different. After the cams I thought to myself "how the hell did I ever drive this without any??"

Now I need a set of s4's for my 98 SE.

Jordan White
'98 Sentra SE w/ HS CAI, Courtesy F&R STB's, ES mounts, 17" Borbet Type S's w/Kuhmo 205/40's
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