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I've read alot about this but I'm lazy so any help would be great:

I've never fooled with my timing, should I check it? How?

I have a JWT ECU. Does the ECU advance the timing in the program?

I know I'm not supposed to advance the timing with the ECU. Why? Is it related to the last question?

How does the timing get retarded to say, zero, like what happened to Brian? How do you prevent that?

Thanks guys.

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To check your timing:

-get a timing light
-connect the jumper cable looking ends to the battery and the rectangular thingy around plug wire #1
-with car warmed up, disconnect the TPS, rev it to 4k 2-3 times
-point the trigger down at the belts on the passenger side of the engine. You will see what you need to see- the timing marks will be very obvious
-set it right to the second to last mark closest to the BIG space between the marks. That's 15 degrees

The JWT ECU is made specifically to work best at 15 degrees BTDC. That's the way it was engineered.

Any stock or aftermarket ECU advances and retards the timing, not just the JWT one.

I believe brian put in JWT cams which seem to make you have to go to extremes when adjusting the distributor to get it to 15 degrees. I think maybe he didn't adjust it after he put them in? I could be very wrong though

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no, I do not have the cams, but what I did was a pretty common mistake, I tried to adjust the timing w/o disconnecting the tps and running it for the right amount of time, plus it was not at 0, it was at 5, my mistake for posting wrong info :)
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