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I just wanted to go ahead and post about the KC area geekout we had this weekend and how much fun it was....

Thanks of course to all those in attendance. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and i hope to speak with and hopefully see you all again in short order.

Personally i had a lot of fun this weekend what with installing the B&M short shifter and helping in any way i could with anyone elses car. Heck getting to see, ride in and even work on shanes DET'ed 200sx was a thrill in and of itself.

Ben, Thanks for the help with the clutch cable as it feels great now and i don't have problems with it going into gear when it is warm anymore.

James Thanks for the help with the timeing. I was gonna try and get them to hook up the wideband O2 sensor but it can't be run with cats and you need the special fitting welded into the exhaust. Maybe i will post and see if anyone else knows why i might be running rich on the top end.

I actually got to dyno my car for the first time and i intend to use this as a baseline now for the rest of the mods i am looking at. Numbers can be seen in my sig. Not to shabby for a car with 143k on the clock.

Anyway i should have a website with some of my pics up in a little while once i get mine developed and scanned in.

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i must agree. i posted on of these in the events part because i didn't know this one was up so woops! lol

rick, that was a fun race down state line. it's kinda sad though that you had like 200lbs worth of tools in your trunk and i couldn't gain an inch on you (when you were gaining, i was at redline feeling that crappy power dropoff). that was so close and so fun. the caravan was great (especially the cop part, ROFL).

the time was great, i had fun (way too much fun). expect me to show up in a non-wrecked se-r in '03. :)
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