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Man this weekend at the road course at Willow Springs in CA I killed this Mustang Cobra with a Griggs Racing suspension. He was putting about 300 RWHP.

My car ran *flawlessly*. Aboslutely perfect. And these C3 cams and the new ECU were excellent. If I can use the C2s with the same ECU (it says C2/C3), I will get the C2s and do a track comparo. The temperature was 100 F and the Techtom registered a high of 135 F intake temperature and 225 F water temperature.

This Mustang Cobra almost ran me off the road at the SI/SE-R shootout @ ButtonWillow last October. He was black flagged then. He assumed that I had the same car that I had then. Wrong. I put the hurt on him so bad. It was awesome. I was trying to pass him all over turn 2 through 5, but he would not give me room. Finally I carried such momentum through turn 9 that I was able to overcome his superior power and by the entrance to turn two I had him. These cams are awsome. I was carrying speeds up to 125 MPH down the front straight and 120 MPH down the back in 4th gear. All the time I was in 6-8K range; the sweet spot for these cams. When we came back to the class room, the guy had this
look of disbelief on his face. He said "you must have a turbo." No, only bolt-ons was my answer.

BTW all this happened under real race like conditions and not any hotlapping condition. We actually did some racing this weekend as part of our race lic school. BTW I passed my school and will get my NASA competition lic soon

Also there were 4 Cobra Mustangs in our school group, three of them overheated and some had aftermarket radiators. So much for Ford Quality

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