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If anyone receives an unsolicited email or PM through this site, please report it immediately.

I have received a few scattered reports of people PM'ing users unsolicited to sell things. This is not allowed. To be clear, I'm not talking about someone contacting a person that is looking to buy something in the classifieds, but contacting many people on a larger scale.

The second thing is that I want people to be aware of a spam campaign going on that is targeting car-related forums. It is promoting something called the "Ultimate Rally" and it has hit sites all over the web including NissanForums and

The PM/email looks something like this:

To the best drivers on earth:

The Ultimate Rally is the world championship of street racing.
7 days, 3000 miles, 200mph and US$ 2 million prize money.

If you are a fast driver with a powerful car & balls of steel
checkout our official website: [deleted]

The Ultimate Rally is limited to 100 cars and the entry fee
is US$ 30,000. See our terms & conditions and apply here:

Join our official Forums at [deleted]
and learn more about this next generation Cannonball Run.


Founder of the Ultimate Rally.
The reputation of the person behind all of this notwithstanding, this kind of forum spam and general harrassment is completely unacceptable.test
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