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I remember this place from years ago when I had my classic SE-R in highschool. I thought I had posted a couple of times but I guess I didn't. Anyway, I guess I'm new here. So... on with the introduction.

Back in 2000 my dad bought a little Sentra SE-R for 1200 from someone on the military base we were stationed at. The car was kinda rough but my dad didn't mind cause it was a little back and forth vehicle to work. The car broke down from something, I don't remember what but it sat parked on the road by our old house for like a year. Someone was gonna get the car towed as abandoned and an old neighbor had it moved to our new house or something. I can't remember the exact details, I just remember it being at our new house one afternoon after school. I had learned to drive on that car and I loved it, a week after I got my liscense I hit 120 on the highway going to the base. Hey, I was 17, didn't know much better but I didn't get a ticket.

I need a car to get around and my parents were trying to sell the car as is (broken down) and I asked them if I can fix it and have it. So, I replaced both cv axles, drain and filled the gear oil, replaced the alternator and the valve cover gasket. My parents moved and my little SE-R made a 1000 mile drive from Columbus MS to San Antonio TX. I knew what I had with the car and had some big plans for it. Unfortunantly, being 18 in highschool and having a part time job at a car wash dosn't always equel the money needed to do the things I had planned for the car.

The car started messing up bad, rack and pinion went out, syncros went out on trans, and I had no reverse towards the end. Plus everything that could leak, leaked. Instead of being smart I followed my parents advice and got rid of the car and just used thiers. I was joing the military anyway so I could get a nicer car in the end. Well, things didn't workout and I needed a new car ASAP and couldn't find another SER for sale. I've been looking on and off for another SE-R, I still kick my ass till this day for selling it in the first place, I really wanted to rip the engine and trans out and rebuild them but sometimes when you're young, things don't go as planned. I havn't driven a classic SE-R since 2003 and I've been checking the web every so often for one for sale. I've found a couple but they wern't worth it.

Anyway, enough of that introduction, I just wanted to say whats up and tell my little SE-R history. Hopefully oneday I'll be able to get another one. I miss this car a lot and I work for a local Nissan dealer as a technician so I have co-workers with knowlege of these cars. So it'd make sense to have one again.
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