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kit building help !

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ok i kno there is gonna be alot of u that say search blah blah.....but i tried and didnt have any hard a turbo noob basically....i want to start piecing a kit together i just wanna get a list of exactly what i need for a basic budget a t25 kit or something....i want the cheapest route possibly so that my car could just be a reliable daily driver

thank you very much turbo whores
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go to and check out his t25 kit. that will give you the basics of everything you need, besides gauges, exhaust, clutch, etc. just an idea for you.
You dont really need much but the problem lies in knowledge of what to do with all of it when you get the parts. I can't tell you where to buy the stuff but here is what you need:
t25 or t28 turbo(t28 turbo only works with t28 manifold)

t25 or t28 manifold
370cc injectors
JWT ECU (turbo, 370cc, stock maf, 3 bar program)
mandral u-bends from JC whitney to make intercooler pipes.(or your own creation)
homedepot rubber plumbing pipe conectors( about 5)
oil line and restrictor as described in turbo FAQ
some 1/8" npt T-connectors to tap the oil sender unit
a oil return drain plug(i used 3/8npt x 1/2" tube connector)

there is a lot of little things you will need to do. searching will answer almost all the answers. things like drilling the block, what to use to re-glue the oil pans, how to connect the oil drain line because the tap and turbo outlet dont line up, spark plug gap, difference between 3-bar and 4-bar program, difference between internal and external wastegate, what is a wastegate, where does the waste gate line get connected,what's a bored maf, where to connect all the vaccum lines on the bov and boost gauge, what gauges to buy, where do the existing hoses for the intake get mounted on the new intercooler piping, how far to place the maf from the turbo, how far to place the BOV from the throttle body, what size piping to use for the intercooler hot side and cold side, high flow muffler, backpressure, type of clutch to hold power and be streetable, that is all i can think of at the moment but i know there is more stuff you may encounter. if you search all this stuff you will be set. if you have specific ?'s i'll help you if you pm me, that way you wont get flamed on.
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good look no doubt.....the forum needs more people like u not gonna start collecting parts for awhile so ill let u kno when i start gettin some good cash flow......thanks alot
There are some good deals on turbo setup's sometimes in the classifieds. Also check the groupbuys for fuel pumps, fuel pressure regualtors, motor mounts, clutches, flywheels. stuff of that sort. there are usually really good deals from some of the forum members. just make sure you read who the black listed sellers are so that you dont have any unpleasant buying experiences.

Here is some stuff here you might be interested in:
email me at [email protected] i can set you up with something , a whole list of what youll need and where you can get it.
i can help you piece together a kit with everything you need...
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