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knock sensor

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okay. i hooked up consult at work and checked the stored codes. knock sensor at time 0. and o2 sensor at time 10. i cleared the o2 code. the knock sensor code wont clear. i check it again a week later. still throwing the code at 0. whenever time = 0, something is currently wrong with it. does anyone know how knock sensor works, i know it only has one wire going to it. is that wire a ground? a power? the sensor is new so im not going to replace it until i rule out a wiring problem. but i dont know what to check for.

also, the o2 sensor code reappeared again. last thing i did was lengthen the o2 sensor wires. i know i matched up those wires right. its the OEM o2 sensor never ben replaced. you guys think its time for a new one? thanks

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If the O2 sensor has never been replaced, replace it, why not? If you have your hands on Consult, go into data monitor and monitor the O2 sensor/s. Are they switching rich/lean or are they staying the same, rich or lean? Rev it and see if they change. What is your alpha percentage? Are you running real rich?
i cant go into data monitor! lol. consult detects the knock sensor code as soon as you go into data monitor and it stops monitoring. pops up and says KNOCK SENSOR CODE DETECTED. lol. i have checked the o2 sensor using the active mode test and it tests fine., but its still old as dirt. i am running rich yes, at WOT. but the o2 sensor is doing its job at idle according to consult 2.
i forget the alpha percentage. ill check it. what exactly is that anyway? i forget.

any info on the knock sensor guys?
reset the consult mode in data monitor to Manual trigger instaed of auto trigger, then you can monitor to your hearts content. Usually when the knock sensor code is at time zero, it is a circuit problem usually leading back to the sensor itself. The sensor wasn't dropped before install by any chance(you know how those shipping guys are). Torqued correctly? Overtorquing will a kill a sensor over time.
hmm..interesting. no it isnt torques down tight. i dont understand what could be wrong with that wire, though. it is in the connector good and connected and the pin that holds it to the sensor is in place. it wasnt dropped. so your saying its porbably the sensor? it wont even let me clear the code because it keeps tripping itself.

Ive had the same problem since i installed the motor. Whenever i run the ECU in diagnostic mode it gives me the knock sensor error. I replaced the thing twice, once with the one off the VE and then i got a new one from the factory. It doesnt seem to affect the car but those could be my famous last words when that thing blows up on me. Have you tried tracing the wire all the way to the ECU?

not yet. but my motor has not always done this.
ive used the consult to do this before and never came up with any codes. it seems to have happened sometime after i got my new nx and swapped everything over and installed a new engine harness and everything. but i KNOW everything is hooked up. ill check continuity between there and the ECU next. but in theory it IS affecting the way the car runs. if it detects a ping or knock it retards the timing so it doesnt screw up the motor. so i may be running on slightly retarded timing and thats affecting performance.
i had the same problem... but on my stock de motor... but while i was doing my ve swapped i notice the knock sensor off of the de was somewhat damage it look like the black plastic surrounding the senosor was melted i was assuming from the heat of the coolant lines or it shorted a while back... im planning to switch over to the ve sensor and hopefully i want have this same problem once my ve is started up
i know on some of the b15's....qr25 pos engine...they had to put the sensor in a bag and zip tie it off somewhere to make good power on the dyno. it made like 35 or 40 more at the wheel because the knock sensor kept picking up noise. stupid nissan knock sensors.
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