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ok here are the current numbers, once again I am posting this on behalf of Marvin. please send all questions to [email protected] or you can get him on AOL at MSSentra95. All the information on the GD is in my other topics pertaining to this. I am copying and pasting his last post on He wants all orders in by tommorow night then it is over so please hurry! As of now we have 21 people! ok here is his post...

"Questions, questions...

Okay man, I just got off work, checked all my email, and I have come up with:

1. Myself
2. Greg
3. Kyle
4. Gene
5. Tim
6. Rodel
7. Ricky
8. Andrew
9. Edward
10. Michael
11. Larry
12. Colleen
13. Scottie
14. Dennis
15. Christopher
16. Tony
17. Zhud

18. Chesca (She has the info, now getting undecided..)

That makes SEVENTEEN people!! Outstanding everyone! I want to go wash ol girl (SE), then eat dinner, then get started finalizing the list to send out to Gilbert. You all have been very very patient, and I thank you for helping out. Gene, thanks for the backup info in the above posts. Greg, thanks for bringing this up to, and Without you, I know I wouldn't have as much people. THANKS GREG! Thanks people and of course, this website, B15SENTRA.NET! I will email EVERYONE as soon as I eat and get started. Take care."

There are others that just emailed him that are not listed there.

once again I am posting this on behalf of Marvin. please send all questions to [email protected] or you can get him on AOL at MSSentra95.

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ok, one last update. Here is the email I just recieved. This should answer some questions!:

"kay, here it is, the start of finalizing this deal, finally! =)

Well, and as you can see with the long list of email addresses, we have the
15 people for the 25% off. We actually have 21 people for this deal! I still
need COMPLETELY FINAL verifications from Chesca and any others that are
weary of the deal by tomorrow evening. If I have already talked to you, and
you told me SERIOUS or you know that you have your heart set, don't bother
to tell me no..heh. Any of you that have been fighting the urge to pull out,
pull out now, otherwise, stick around for a really great group deal!

Let's see, another word about billing to everyone. YOU WILL RECIEVE AN
E-INVOICE. You can pay with several different methods. PR offers Paypal
online payment, send checks or money orders, or some other from of payment.
It will all be there in the e-invoice. You will get your order as soon as
possible! They have a big stock, if they have yours, they will send right
way. PLEASE be patient. As soon as you have gotten the e-invoice, you can
also contact Place Racing to pay over the phone. Please do NOT call earlier,
as they need to verify where the money is going, specifically to the group
buy. Any further questions will still be going through me, till March
14th-April 2nd. I will be underway. I still have an email to be reached at:
[email protected] Please feel free to contact me, as I will also
carry this information on me till everyone has their CAI. I'm dedicated to
getting this all settled, CAI's installed, and ready for Honda kicking arse!

Okay, what else... I need more info from the following people before I
finalize the list:

*Colleen, I still need a phone number please.

*Dennis, I need a zip code for your addy, plus a color preference.

*Ladd, I need a color preference and what kind of car you have.

That's about it everyone! I'm going to send this email out tomorrow night,
so I need all this info. I really appreciate all your input and we will all
get together email-wise to do the installation. I feel that will help
everyone out. Email me back for more last minute info. Take care and drive

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