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Hello again,

I just finished adjusting the Motivational coilovers. I noticed that after getting the two front heights even with each other and the rear heights even with each other, the perches are in very different places on the collar on each side.

For example, with a fender height in the front of 24 5/16" (2" drop), the left perch is half way down the collar and the right one is at the very top of the collar.

What's up with that?

The same goes for the rear as well.

Lastly, even after setting the GC camber plates all the way positive, the tires still look they lean in more than they should. There still appears to be a fair amount of negative camber.

I have only lowered the car 2" front and rear, using the ride heights specs listed in my FSM. These are 300/200 springs, 8" long, GC plates, and Motivational rear upper mounts.

Any advice is appreciated,
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