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My 91 Sentra has started to leak anti-freeze. It appears to be leaking from the seal in the front of the water pump. So it looks like I need to replace the pump. Should I get a factory one or is there an aftermarket replacement that is better? What else should I replace while I am at it? It looks like a major PITA to replace, anyone got some good pointers? I have 150K miles, is this normal time for the pump to be replaced?

You are not alone here. My 91 G20 w/109k is also leaking a little bit of coolant overnite. It was quite tricky to diagonis the leak too since it is not leaking when my mechanic apply pressure to the cooling system (a pressure check). I had a good experience with GMB water pump. I think it costs about $45 to $55 for our SR20DE. Along with the waterpump replacement, I would also replace all the belts (I will go with Gates). And probably the thermostat all the radiator hoses, and the radiator cap since we have to drain all the coolant anyhow. And I would fill it up with Prestone coolant and a bottle of WATER- WETTER. Hope this help.

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