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I was bored today so I took the muffler off of my '91 to see what it felt like. Wow! What a difference. It seems like I gained a little bottom end power. The car really pulled after 4k rpm. It sounded terrible, however.

What I found interesting was that shifts were a lot smoother without the muffler. Before things felt sticky and it felt like I must be damaging something every time I shifted. I figured I must be imaging this, but on Merlin Johnson wrote about the "Good positive engagement of gears whether upshifting or downshifting" after installing a Trust exhaust. Why is this?

and I don't suppose anyone wants to sell me a used Trust exhaust? :)

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Less backpressure equals les torque, which means more power loss between shifts. Hmmm....maybe this is why Hondas shift better!!!! (less torque

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