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Limited slip SE-R transmission for sale!

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Limited slip SE-R transmission for sale!
5-speed LSD SE-R transmission for sale. Was purchased to replace my current one that has 5th gear popout, but my DE-T died after the oilpump failed so I went out and bought myself a '97 240SX This transmission I never got to use, still had the CV joint tips stuffed in it.

Selling for $450

Contact me at [email protected]


Located in Miami
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where did u buy it from? rebuilt or just pulled out of another car?
Pulled out of another car, its from a 91-94 sentra.
Got another tranny local. Sorry.
interested, but i have no way to go pick it up. im in sarasota could we work out a way to get it to me?
oh and are there any garuntees that it doesnt have 5th gear pop out?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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